Press Releases

Turkish elevator sector prepares for the Eurasia Elevator Exhibition (LIFT / 12/7/2018)
IDEX Istanbul to contribute to the US$ 1 billion target (IDEX / 12/7/2018)
Türk asansör sektörü Avrasya Asansör Fuarı’na hazırlanıyor (LIFT / 11/21/2018)
Turkey’s Most Distinguished Furniture Brands Will Come Together At CNR Expo (FUTURIST / 9/14/2018)
Take a step to World's Footwear (AYMOD / 9/14/2018)
Home&Tex is the only address for home textile and decoration! (HOME / 9/14/2018)
Exhibitors will increase their exports visitors will increase the trade volume (HOME / 9/14/2018)
UNICERA will host over 20 thousand foreign buyers (UNICERA / 9/14/2018)
EVTEKS is hosting 150.000 visitors from five continents (EVTEKS / 4/27/2018)
The Leading Trade Platform of Turkey is opening its doors at CNR Expo! (AMBALAJ / 12/11/2017)
EVTEKS opens its doors for the 23rd time (EVTEKS / 5/12/2017)
IDEX 2017: Countdown to world’s third-largest exhibition in dentistry (IDEX / 3/27/2017)
The World has witnessed the quality production of Turkish ceramics industry (UNICERA / 3/20/2017)
The largest specialty fair of Turkey, UNICERA has opened its doors (UNICERA / 3/20/2017)
Strong growth predicted for Turkey’s foreign housing market in 2016 (EMLAK / 12/7/2016)
Eight years in Mersin the meeting hub of citrus pulse vegetables fruit producers with buyers! (FRZA13 / 3/27/2014)
Exhibition for Trailer Manufacturers On-Vehicle Equipment and Suppliers (TIREXPO / 3/26/2014)
9-11 Oct 2013Post Show Press Release (TEXBRIDGE / 10/31/2013)
The fair of out-of-home consumption sector has drawn a great deal of attention! (EDTEXPO / 6/7/2013)
5 star chefs are competing in the "Ottoman Cuisine"! Out-of-home consumer goods are at CNR Expo-İstanbul for the first time… (EDTEXPO / 6/7/2013)