The exhibitions that have been postponed due to the new-type Coronavirus pandemic will restart as of September 1. Taking all the measures and protecting public health at exhibitions will be the top priority. CNR Expo Istanbul Expo Center, where CNR Holding organizes the world’s largest exhibitions, is listed among the most modern and safest trade centers of Europe through its measures.

Having taken necessary measures at the exhibition venue rapidly since Coronavirus started to spread to the world, CNR has ensured the healthcare of exhibitors, visitors, and all the business partners months before.

Cleaning of the surfaces that visitors frequently contact is paid further attention at this stage. Sanitizers and sanitizing materials for common use have been placed in various points, particularly transit areas of the halls, weeks before.

The ventilation system of the exhibition venue has been re-overhauled and the whole system has been actively operated. Through the effective circulation of the ventilation system, the atmosphere of the exhibition venue is permanently kept healthy and clean.