CNR Brings Trading to a Virtual Level for Exporters

Organizing more than 50 trade fairs annually and the dynamo of a great number of industries from textile to food, furniture, and footwear on export, CNR Holding is ready to be stand by exporters with virtual exhibitions during the Coronavirus period.

Exhibitions, postponed upon flight delays due to the Coronavirus pandemic, have negatively affected both the trade fair industry and exporters. Holding an exclusive number of great exhibitions in Europe and worldwide, CNR Holding is ready to launch its virtual trade fair system soon through its experience and investments in artificial intelligence aided trade fair area in recent years.

Following the announcement of the Trade Minister Mrs. Ruhsar Pekcan, CNR Holding Chairwoman Mrs. Ceyda Erem made the following statement: “Given the targets of our country, we cannot only sit and wait. The infrastructure that will bring exhibitions, gateways to the world for exporters, to the virtual platform is ready. We will organize virtual exhibitions with the collaboration of exporters, who bring foreign exchange to our country and contribute to the growth, and continue our support for export and exporters.

Through the artificial intelligence aided virtual trade fair system developed by CNR as a complementary element of trade fair rather than an alternative, buyers and exporters can meet on the virtual platform, view and even order products if they wish.