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“We make exhibitions with high brand value for the leading industries.”

Istanbul-Ceramics Bathroom Kitchen Exhibition (UNICERA) with the highest brand value in Turkey, has opened its doors at CNR EXPO Yeşilköy. More than 200 companies that shape the industry participate in the exhibition spread on 100 thousand square meters area which will last until February 9. CNR CEO Ali Bulut said that they made trade fairs with brand value for the locomotive industries. TİMDER President Aydın Eşer stated that UNICERA was the epitome of brand creation and branding.
UNICERA, the largest specialized trade fair in Turkey, commenced at CNR Expo, Yeşilköy. CNR Holding company Istanbul Trade Fairs organizes the exhibition in cooperation with the Turkish Ceramics Federation (TSF) and the Trade Association for Sanitary and Building Supplies (TIMDER). TSF Chairman Erdem Çenesiz, TİMDER Chairman Aydın Eşer, Turkish Exporters Assembly (TİM) President İsmail Gülle, and Foreign Economic Relations Board (DEİK) Chairman Nail Olpak participated in the opening ceremony hosted by CNR Chairwoman Ceyda Erem.
CNR Chief Executive Officer Ali Bulut made the opening speech in the exhibition and stated that as CNR Group they had taken the mission to organize Brand Exhibitions for Brand Industries. He added, "UNICERA, which is one of the world's two most important trade fairs in its field, fulfills this mission and is marked on the calendars of buyers all over the world with its brand value."
Emphasizing that the exhibition industry contributed to the country's economy in three dimensions, Bulut added, "We started to reap the fruits of the Business Intelligence Agency established in 2018 as part of the Global Market Intelligence Project. We had record-breaking results at last week's IMOB Istanbul Furniture Exhibition hosting 38,000 foreign buyers. BIA significantly contributed to this success. I hope that we will get similar results at UNICERA and the following trade fairs." 
"Turkey ranks 3rd in the European ceramic and tile production and exports."
TSF President Erdem Çenesiz stated that Turkey had the highest production and exports in ceramic sanitary ware in Europe whilst ranked third in ceramic tile production and exports. He added, "The Turkish Ceramics Industry, which has a total size of 3 billion dollars, is one of the leading sectors that provide the highest added value to the country's economy with its exports close to 1.5 billion dollars. The high currency rate and the increase in natural gas prices affect us tremendously. UNICERA is an exhibition where bathroom and kitchen products meet the world besides the ceramics industry. Our goal is to make UNICERA world's largest ceramic and bathroom products exhibition." 
"UNICERA is the epitome of brand creation and branding."
TIMDER  President Aydin Eşer stated that UNICERA was a significant contributor to the industry and Turkey and that it was the epitome of brand creation and branding. Eşer continued his words saying, "We expect many foreign visitors to visit our exhibition thanks to our joint efforts of marketing on digital media, social media and sector magazines in the world, targeting the EU, America, Sub-Saharan Africa, Arabian Peninsula, the Turkic Republics." 
“UNICERA makes a major contribution to the brand awareness of Turkish ceramics.”
DEIK President Nail Olpak said, "During my trip to India, I had received a comment that the Turkish ceramic products had great design and quality, but that we needed to work more on creating brand awareness. UNICERA Exhibition's contribution to the Turkish ceramics industry by increasing brand awareness is immeasurable." 
“The contribution of the exhibition industry to tourism cannot be ignored”
TIM President İsmail Gülle stated that the contribution of the exhibition industry to tourism could not be ignored. Gülle added, "UNICERA is an internationally acclaimed trade fair. It is a great success to be world's second in its field and to bring together tens of thousands of participants and business people. In the world trade, the Turkish ceramics ranks 11th and has a 28 percent share. This sector, which has historical power and strategic importance, needs to grow further. We have full confidence and faith in the ceramics industry."
Prominent designers and 1200 brands at UNICERA
The exhibition where world-renowned designers will be setting 2019 trends, takes place with the participation of 1,200 brands that shape the industry on 100 thousand square meters area. 14 Companies from Italy, Spain, Germany, Portugal, Egypt, India, China, Taiwan, Serbia, and Iran will exhibit their latest products and models at UNICERA which will last until February 9. World-renowned designers from Italy, Spain, Morocco, and Germany will share their experiences and new trends in the industry with visitors during the seminars held in 7 sessions. Giuseppe Scutellà, Carlo Ciciliot, Paolo D'arrigo, Valentin Garcia, Hicham Lahlou, and Johan Dück are among the designers to take part in the seminars.